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Chiropractic CareCorrective Spinal Care of Florida Dr. Rick Means II

Get your body back to its intended healthy state with Cape Coral chiropractic care at Corrective Spinal Care of Florida. Your nervous system directs every function of the body, so ultimately, it controls your overall well-being. Dr. Rick checks your spine to ensure that no nerves are being compromised. When there is interference present in the nervous system, your body cannot work as it was designed to. If needed, Dr. Rick makes the necessary hands-on correction to restore your body’s optimal capacity.

From Improving to Maintaining Health

The many conditions we help include, but are not limited to:

The benefits of chiropractic care are numerous. When your body has greater function, you can minimize suffering, feel better and live a happier life.

We want to assist you in meeting your health goals. Corrective Spinal Care of Florida focuses on corrective chiropractic care. We lead you through the process of getting to the root cause of your issues (what we term subluxation), and give gentle corrections (what we term adjustments) to accurately balance the spine, take pressure off the nerves, and allow your body to heal properly. Once we get the spine back to it’s most stable state that is possible for your condition, we customize a plan that is tailored to your needs in maintaining that stability and not letting you fall back into that old subluxated state. Frequency of corrective and maintenance care are based solely on your particular situation in combination with what our expertise has shown us over the years. We will never see you more than you need to be seen.

Our ultimate goal: to minimize future suffering by balancing your spine, removing nerve interference, allowing your body to heal, and keeping you having fun and living your best life!

A Customized, Science-based Approach

Dr. Rick is a hands-on chiropractor and provides precise, scientific care for each individual. He utilizes the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Technique that is gentle and easy. This method was the same one used by chiropractic pioneer B.J. Palmer during his years of research, making it the most-researched technique in chiropractic.

We will have you rest for 15 minutes after the adjustment, then scan your spine again to ensure the necessary corrections are holding.

Find out more at a complimentary consultation with Dr. Rick. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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